Harvest Fest 2007 quotations

Kriss: “So Jon, have you been to one of those iStores?” (Jon: “You mean the Apple Store, Kriss?” “Yes!”)

Linda: “I don’t know, I believe it was something about the cake going down your hole.”

Alisa: “You can’t have not a belly button.”

Shannon/Jon/derek: “Do I smell _dope?”_

Ann: “Sometimes a girl gets a sore butt.”

Shannon (of the sun): “We are talking about a heated object.”

Lucy: “Google.”

Ann: “It’s garlic Jesus.” Jake: “Does Jesus come in other flavors than garlic?”

Kriss: “I like having church on the couch.”

Alisa (?): “We’ve got to get our inaccuracies straight.”

Unknown: “That was a statement of exaggeration.”

Harvest Festival 2006 quotations

Jon: “Of course, some of us poop in our pants.”

Kriss: “There’s too many legs here!”

Eli: “I went over here so people wouldn’t smell it!”

Ann: “Gaborgachev” and “Assarafat”

derek: “He’s got a thing for crazy, apparently.”

Alisa: “Get busy making Chex Mix, or the Chex Mix will get busy making _you.”_