Special icon treatments in the Mac Finder

Two things I want for icons in the Macintosh Finder:

# Color-labeling icons in the Finder is OK — but I wish applying a label would wash the whole icon in color or surround it in a colored halo so that it were even more emphatic.
# And speaking of emphatic, I wish I could adjust the size of individual icons in any window (not just change the size of them all).

Digital fridge door

I want a refrigerator whose entire front surface is a digital display, programmable to show pictures, text, websites, anything.

Flash-drive-driven car radio

I want a car audio system with a USB port that will play music that’s stored on a connected flash drive (in a specified folder or whatever), giving me options to play the music in different ways (by album, artist, randomly, etc). Ideally it would also have a small display to show embedded album art.

Cell-phone plotting

I want to be able to authorize a user or users to view an online map showing the current (or last known) location of my cell phone.