Three great questions to ponder

After you read Mark 2:1-12, think about these questions:

With regard to the paralytic’s friends:

bq. Which people do you know who need to be brought to Jesus?

With regard to the paralytic himself:

bq. What areas of your life need Jesus’ healing?

With regard to the crowd:

bq. In what ways do you hope to witness or observe Jesus’ power?

Written by Ann Boyd, January 2011, for “microchurch”:

The real world

bq.. The real world and its fate have gone unrecognized on the academic curriculum.

— Alistair McIntyre, quoted by Eric Miller

The Loss of Brown’s Woods: A Letter to Scott Russell Sanders

Review of A Conservationist Manifesto, by Scott Russell Sanders (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009).

A version of this review first appeared in print in _The Common Review_ 8, no. 3 (Winter 2010): 42-44. (TCR(The Common Review) unfortunately does not make its content available online).

“See below”:/2010/the-loss-of-browns-woods#letter for a letter to the editor taking issue with this review, and my response. Continue reading “The Loss of Brown’s Woods: A Letter to Scott Russell Sanders”