Three great questions to ponder

After you read Mark 2:1-12, think about these questions:

With regard to the paralytic’s friends:

Which people do you know who need to be brought to Jesus?

With regard to the paralytic himself:

What areas of your life need Jesus’ healing?

With regard to the crowd:

In what ways do you hope to witness or observe Jesus’ power?

Written by Ann Boyd, January 2011, for microchurch

The real world

The real world and its fate have gone unrecognized on the academic curriculum.

— Alistair McIntyre, quoted by Eric Miller

The Loss of Brown’s Woods: A Letter to Scott Russell Sanders

Review of A Conservationist Manifesto, by Scott Russell Sanders (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009).

A version of this review first appeared in print in The Common Review 8, no. 3 (Winter 2010): 42-44. (TCR unfortunately does not make its content available online).

See below for a letter to the editor taking issue with this review, and my response. Continue reading “The Loss of Brown’s Woods: A Letter to Scott Russell Sanders”