Forrester’s social technographics profile tool

If you’re here because you’ve read my article in the newsletter of the School of Business and Nonprofit Management from North Park University, welcome. I’m pleased to pass along a simple “starter” tool that helps demonstrate the importance of various social-media activities for particular portions of the population.

Play a little with this tool, noting particularly anywhere your clients or constituents would have an index (in the right column of the chart) over 100. That’s a mode in which they’re especially primed to engage you in conversation via social media.

When you’re ready to take this initial information further, I highly recommend the following books for lots more, detailed strategy advice and information:

I look forward to your joining the conversation!

Special icon treatments in the Mac Finder

Two things I want for icons in the Macintosh Finder:

  1. Color-labeling icons in the Finder is OK — but I wish applying a label would wash the whole icon in color or surround it in a colored halo so that it were even more emphatic.
  2. And speaking of emphatic, I wish I could adjust the size of individual icons in any window (not just change the size of them all).

Digital fridge door

I want a refrigerator whose entire front surface is a digital display, programmable to show pictures, text, websites, anything.