Headline of the day: October 28

“Errs to throne”

bq. _Chicago Tribune,_ October 28, 2006, referring to St. Louis’s World Series win, 4 games to 1 over Detroit

This headline works in so many ways: criticizing Detroit for making so many critical errors, dissing St. Louis by suggesting they backed into the title through little virtue of their own, and of course it’s a perfect pun.


“Scones == Giant Cookies”

bq. Nathan Lenz, IM status message, April 14, 2006

The New South

“Of all the things I’m fed up with, I think I’m fed up most with hearing about the New South…. One of the first things I can remember in my life was hearing about the New South. I was three years old, in Alabama. Not a year has passed since that I haven’t heard about a new South. I would dearly love never to hear the New South mentioned again. In fact my definition of a new South would be a South in which it never occurred to anybody to mention the New South.”

bq. Walker Percy, in John Shelton Reed, “New South or No South?” in _My Tears Spoiled My Aim, and Other Reflections on Southern Culture_.

Thanks to “Al Zambone”:http://www.zambone.com/ for quoting this.