Smelly forearms?

When I was a kid, I remember being puzzled why grown-ups apparently needed to put deodorant or antiperspirant on their forearms. No one I knew had smelly or sweaty forearms. I never actually saw anyone doing it in person, but they were constantly showing you how to in TV ads.

The New South

“Of all the things I’m fed up with, I think I’m fed up most with hearing about the New South…. One of the first things I can remember in my life was hearing about the New South. I was three years old, in Alabama. Not a year has passed since that I haven’t heard about a new South. I would dearly love never to hear the New South mentioned again. In fact my definition of a new South would be a South in which it never occurred to anybody to mention the New South.”

Walker Percy, in John Shelton Reed, “New South or No South?” in My Tears Spoiled My Aim, and Other Reflections on Southern Culture.

Thanks to Al Zambone for quoting this.