Flatstock Noob

I’m feeling like a bit of a dork. At Flatstock 26 here in Chicago a couple weeks back, while I was buying a poster, its designer asked about a button I was wearing, having picked it up a few minutes earlier at another booth.

“Crosshair?” he asked — seeming not to recognize the name. “I’ve seen that name around, but who is that?” I didn’t really hear him, and when he went on, “I mean, is it a designer or a group?” I just didn’t follow the question.

Now I can’t help thinking I must have been being played as a pawn in some kind of poster-designers’ nerd-war, in which one printer tries to prove that noobs don’t recognize the other.

For how could any Flatstock artist not know Dan MacAdam? His gorgeous Chicago factory water tank poster hangs right here on my wall, and you could never forget it.

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