“Must-Have Technologies” — additional resources

Additional resources for attendees of my “2010 Axelson Symposium”:http://npu.me/9YH2no seminar, “Must-Have Technologies for Nonprofits,” Wednesday, May 13, at 11:30 am in North Park University‘s Lecture Hall Auditorium.

You can find this page easily again with the URL *http://8to.me/axelson10.*

h3. Your website

* “WordPress.com”:http://8to.me/awCjKF (and “WordPress.org”:http://8to.me/d4kXW9)
* Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web
* “How to Detect Mobile Devices”:http://8to.me/aiqJn8

h3. Social media

* “Forrester Consumer Profile Tool”:http://8to.me/ckanRU
* Li and Bernoff, Groundswell
* “Social Media Mistakes You Can Avoid”:http://8to.me/dvOcFA
* Levine, Locke, Searls, and Weinberger, The Cluetrain Manifesto (10th anniversary ed.)

h3. Email

* “MailChimp”:http://8to.me/ceAzPt
* “Constant Contact”:http://8to.me/dCuXxL
* “Google Analytics”:http://8to.me/9WUCXk

h3. Online/electronic giving

* “Network for Good”:http://8to.me/djOIsJ
* Google search for “online donation service for nonprofits”:http://8to.me/96m8yB
* PayPal’s “Online Fundraising for Nonprofits”:http://8to.me/bl1cDS
* “Google Checkout ==(nonprofit section)==”:http://8to.me/9xmoGg
* “Authorize.net”:http://8to.me/bwLXZK
* “Square”:http://8to.me/9VQm7p
* “Wufoo”:http://8to.me/dD6O3a

h3. Video

* “Get Started Making Online Videos”:http://8to.me/3rx83T
* “Celtx”:http://8to.me/celtx
* “Creative Commons Search”:http://8to.me/bTuesB
* “Vimeo”:http://8to.me/bnvTER
* Fritz McDonald, “Making Movies: What YouTube Is Really All About”:http://8to.me/makingmovies (and “part 2”:http://8to.me/makingmovies2)
* John Sayles, Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie Matewan

h3. General / Other

* “Google Docs”:http://8to.me/dhYqyP
* “TimeBridge”:http://8to.me/97aMr0
* “Dropbox”:http://8to.me/aScix1
* “Nonprofit Chas”:http://8to.me/b3w3sZ
* “Alltop Nonprofit”:http://8to.me/91ATfN
* A few “other miscellaneous items”:http://8to.me/c1D865
* “Visuals for this talk”:http://8to.me/cWJfBJ (made with “Prezi”:http://8to.me/ahPUqJ)
* A great conversation about the “development of this talk”:http://8to.me/cFbVJL

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