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On Monday evenings, from August 30 to October 18, 2010, I’ll be teaching a graduate elective on social media for business and nonprofits in the “School of Business and Nonprofit Management”: (SBNM) at “North Park University”: Here’s the current, working draft of a course description.

bq.. *Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media Strategies and Tactics*

Wherever people are having conversations online, that’s social media — and there you’ll find tremendous opportunity for your business or nonprofit. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs can help you advance every facet of your organization’s mission, so please don’t confuse “the conversation economy” for nothing more than a new marketing channel. (Besides, it’ll eat you alive.)

In this relentlessly hands-on course you’ll read online and off-, uncover broad principles and niche solutions, and extend your exposure to new platforms and expertise on familiar ones.

There are no course prerequisites. I encourage you to bring a wifi-equipped laptop or web-capable mobile device to class, if you can.

p. Comments or questions? Let’s make even this course description a conversation! I’d love to hear what topics, skills, and projects you think it’s important to tackle in a graduate course on social media for business and nonprofit professionals.

You can leave a comment here, or talk with me on “Twitter”: or “Facebook”:

The “syllabus for the course”: (PDF) is now available online, too.

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