Social Media Mistakes You Can Avoid

I recently led a seminar on the subject of “Mistakes You Can Avoid on Facebook and Twitter” for people in the nonprofit and ministry sector. I wish you all could have been there — but we’ll have to settle for sharing my one-page handout.

Naturally, there’s lots more to say about each of these topics (to say nothing of additional topics of importance), but here you go. See the PDF handout of “Mistakes on Facebook and Twitter” for further detail, but the basic mistakes are:

h2. Getting started

# Never get started.
# Don’t have a purpose.
# Confuse personal and [organizational] accounts.
# Don’t let people see you.
# Use only

h2. In the Conversation

# Never check in or say anything.
# Have a monologue.
# Never listen, share, give credit, or say thanks.
# Always be making a sales pitch.
# Be a robot.

h2. Taking It Further

# Don’t learn from others.
# Never try anything new.
# Always try everything new.
# Don’t have any fun.

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