“Why I Left Higher Ed” — Extra Resources

At the “2012 HighEdWeb Conference”:http://2012.highedweb.org/, I present a poster session, *”Why I Left Higher Ed — and Why You Should Stay.”* For those who want to follow up on some of the resources (or who couldn’t be present), here they are.

* The “official description of the conference session”:http://8to.me/heweb12pst
* “"Student Debt at Colleges and Universities Across the Nation"”:http://8to.me/debtgraphic, _New York Times_
* Books
** Henry Rosovsky, “_The University: An Owner’s Manual_”:http://8to.me/rosovksy
** Anya Kamenetz, “_DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education_”:http://8to.me/kamenetz (Chelsea Green Publishing)
** Tom Rath, “_Strengths Finder 2.0_”:http://8to.me/strengthsfinder20 (Gallup Press)
** Gordon T. Smith, “_Courage & Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential_”:http://8to.me/couragecalling, rev. ed. (InterVarsity Press)
* Susan Evans, “"Groundhog Day Again? Really?"”:http://8to.me/fourfactors, _Link_
* Joel Spolsky, “"Figuring Out What Your Company Is All About"”:http://8to.me/tobeawesome
* William Falk, “"Picture-Perfect College Campuses"”:http://8to.me/55Kayear
* Ambrose Bierce, “E” (including “Education”), _The Devil’s Dictionary_

In case you’re interested in resources related to my presentations at previous years’ HighEdWeb conferences, here you go:

* “"How to Break Things Really Good" — Extra Resources”:http://hoc.uspoc.us/2011/how-to-break-things-really-good/ (2011)
* “"The Elements of Twitter Style"”:http://8to.me/elementsoftwitter (2009)
* “"Get Started Making Online Videos"”:http://8to.me/makingvideos (2009)

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