Sending words through space

I realized recently that I miss postage stamps — their variety, design, colorfulness, even their topical content. So I’m doing to do something about it.

Me mailing a letter in England, 1970.

I’m going to go out of my way to send postal mail to anyone who I think won’t be bothered by it. If you’re reading this, you may well be one of those people.

What I’m sending will vary. It might be a note, a clipping, a quotation, something unusual or something common, words or pictures — I really can’t say at this point. Hopefully it’ll be at least a little interesting to us both.

At any rate, don’t be alarmed: this project is no big deal. You haven’t just become one of my pen pals or anything. No commitment and no obligation, and no salesman will call. Just dig it if you want to.

p{color:gray}. Photo: Me mailing a letter in England, summer 1970.

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