Harvest Fest 2007 quotations

Kriss: “So Jon, have you been to one of those iStores?” (Jon: “You mean the Apple Store, Kriss?” “Yes!”)

Linda: “I don’t know, I believe it was something about the cake going down your hole.”

Alisa: “You can’t have not a belly button.”

Shannon/Jon/derek: “Do I smell _dope?”_

Ann: “Sometimes a girl gets a sore butt.”

Shannon (of the sun): “We are talking about a heated object.”

Lucy: “Google.”

Ann: “It’s garlic Jesus.” Jake: “Does Jesus come in other flavors than garlic?”

Kriss: “I like having church on the couch.”

Alisa (?): “We’ve got to get our inaccuracies straight.”

Unknown: “That was a statement of exaggeration.”

Flash-drive-driven car radio

I want a car audio system with a USB port that will play music that’s stored on a connected flash drive (in a specified folder or whatever), giving me options to play the music in different ways (by album, artist, randomly, etc). Ideally it would also have a small display to show embedded album art.

Cell-phone plotting

I want to be able to authorize a user or users to view an online map showing the current (or last known) location of my cell phone.

Harvest Festival 2006 quotations

Jon: “Of course, some of us poop in our pants.”

Kriss: “There’s too many legs here!”

Eli: “I went over here so people wouldn’t smell it!”

Ann: “Gaborgachev” and “Assarafat”

derek: “He’s got a thing for crazy, apparently.”

Alisa: “Get busy making Chex Mix, or the Chex Mix will get busy making _you.”_

In to vs. into

Yes, it really does matter whether you use _in to_ or _into._

bq. After years on the run, the bank robber turned himself in to the authorities.

This does not mean that he finally succeeded in becoming an authority himself (as “into” would).

Headline of the day: October 28

“Errs to throne”

bq. _Chicago Tribune,_ October 28, 2006, referring to St. Louis’s World Series win, 4 games to 1 over Detroit

This headline works in so many ways: criticizing Detroit for making so many critical errors, dissing St. Louis by suggesting they backed into the title through little virtue of their own, and of course it’s a perfect pun.