1968 Smith-Corona Classic 12

This lovely manual typewriter I dub “Flower Child” for its hippie vibe and late-’60s design. But it’s square enough to be a really great typer, too.

This “Classic 12” model Smith-Corona (SCM) mechanical typewriter was manufactured in 1968. It was recently cleaned and serviced fully by a professional technician. I have used it myself very happily and reliably for a range of uses, from routine letter writing and daily journaling to specialized typewriter-art projects.

I am offering it for sale at $250 (with local/handoff delivery; shipping would need discussion). SOLD


  • extra-wide 12-inch carriage (can type letter-size paper sideways/landscape)
  • “Starmist Blue” body paint
  • tab settings
  • “PageGage” indicator for remaining paper left
  • half-space key
  • repeating-space key
  • Smith-Corona “Changeable Type” capability
    • comes with the characters: ! 1 + =
  • extendable paper support
  • touch selector
  • carriage center and lock (for safe transport)
  • original metal carrying case with pebbled finish
  • reproduction user’s manual
  • countless other typical typewriter features
    • two-color typing (comes with a brand-new black/red cotton ribbon)
    • variable automatic line spacing (single, double, triple)
    • manual/free line spacing
    • left and right margin sets and release
    • standard American QWERTY keyboard

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